The body is our general medium for having a world.'




Video, plexiglass | 6’ loop

‘Kapsama’ centers on repeating, progressing, faltering, dividing, rejoining and transforming patterns of a journey—focuses on the ordinary daily experiences of every person. Series presents a spatial arrangement in which reality and fiction constitute and manipulate one another simultaneously. 

'Pink Machine is constituted by the anonymous videos in detergent boxes that collected for years. Executed by a different geography, possibly in another time, by another person, under the same name, the act of washing is interpreted through different technological means, social roles and memories with the perpetual repetition of an ordinary act, in a dialogue between spaces, times and individuals. 

Pink Machine

Video, sound, plastic | 5’ loop


video, wood, acrylic | 6’ loop

Sentez I, II

Polyester, plastic, video, screen | 1’ loop

The ‘arch’ is an iconic figure with a mathematical and architectural structure that makes support, balance and opening possible, and acts as a threshold of time and space perceptually. Defined by Da Vinci as a force originated by two weaknesses that lean on each other for support, the ‘arch’ is a physical representation of the acts of passage, progress, moving forward and containment that dominate 'Kapsama'. Suggestive of the first step of the ‘arch’ is rooted in ‘Archi’ (ἀρχι), the Greek word for ‘beginning’. 

As a living space, the home manifests itself as a unity of objects that the person surrounds oneself with, in which shelter, delimitation and containment take place. When we think of the living space that houses all we remember, as well as all we have forgotten, through its relation to humanity, rather than in geometric terms, the objects and rooms which we endlessly go through suggested by the work titled ‘Cycle’ constitute an endless passage. 

Placed on a Chesterfield armchair at the center of the first image, the Aphrodite sculpture, an image reproduced and consumed countless times, underlines how our relationship with all that is visible is rewritten through changing technological means. The symbol of beauty, pleasure and fertility, Aphrodite is exhibited along with a holographic image in the work titled ‘Sentez’ in the series. Complementing this work is the sculpture of Discobolus, intervened by a Saturn video. Presenting together with these two gures that idealize the human form with their ratios and details, draw attention to the effect that the images that we obtain and consume with incredible speed in today’s world have on our minds. 


Video, sound, screen, wall | 1’ loop

‘Splitting’ refers to the mode of existence in which the self can only be defined through the existence of its opposite. For an entity that must feed on its opposite to sustain itself throughout its life, the first hit of the pendulum on the wall can repeat forever.

Ordinary objects become subjective through the meanings we put on them according to our own needs, experiences and memories. ‘Family Portrait’ consists of objects placed on an arch-shaped platform and videos of the one's pre-birth and infancy projected on these objects.

Family Portrait

 Video, sound, projection, wood, acrylic, found object | 10’ loop

Darwin Haklıymış

Video, sound, projection, earth | 13’

This journey is emphasized particularly in ‘Lucid Dream’ and 'Darwin Haklıymış', which make the spectator its subject. Through a light that makes us feel we are moving towards it, but whose source and distance to us is unknown and unmeasurable, does not promise us a final destination of truth, but decidedly calls us towards itself within the unknown that we are surrounded by. 

Lucid Dream

2 channel video, 2 screens, wall paper | 1’ loop