Past is Present, 2015

Interactive audio visual installation with TV and sound processor.

Memory is a phenomenon that is directly connected to the ‘present’, the past transforms and recitifies influenced by the present. The object takes a different form under water. Memories are like objects in our minds. Our ‘present’ interprets this metamorphosis continously.

Past is Present, looks at the memory behind the filters created by the ‘present’ through and oldshcool TV while creating the ambiance’s temporary memory with the camera sitauted inside the space. The filters are formed by optical deformations. The TV references the brain with its bodily structure. This phenomenon strengethens its persistance in memory with its recocurance  as many senses it is in intreaction with. Again situated in the place is a manipulated microphone, which re-forms and presents the ambience’s sound through headphones to the viewer.