To what extent our perception is capable of protecting us from daily miseries. 


Ukulele Girl: A thirty-year-old English girl who lives in Istanbul. She has brown eyes, freckles and dark hair. She and her boyfriend have been living together for 5 years.


She is a positive, introverted, disciplined and orderly girl. She has a temper that she can usually control. Since she has moved to Istanbul, she feels frusturated due to language limitations in her professional and social life.


She used to teach private music lessons in England until her architect boyfriend received a job offer from Istanbul. She hopes to find new students to teach music in Istanbul.


She plays ukulele in the mornings. She sends applications to various music schools in the city.


Her only friend is Other Girl.. She plays tennis with her every Monday to let out the pent-up furious energy she keeps in during the week. 

Jade Mulvaney

Other Girl: A thirty-year-old Dutch girl who doesn’t speak English. She has blue eyes, white skin and blonde hair. She is almost the opposite version of Ukulele Girl in apperance and always dresses in contrasting colors. 


She exists as a projection of Ukulele Girl and symbolizes language limitations that she suffers. 

Elle Ottens


Ukulele Girl lives with her boyfriend in a big, historical apartment in a central neighbourhood of Istanbul. Being a musician, her daily motivation arises from ukulele playing every morning. She desperately looks for a job but gets refused each time. Not being a native speaker, she feels constant frustration of language limitations in her professional and social life. She plays tennis with her friend Other Girl every Monday at 10am. Although she loses all the matches, this is the only time she can master her rage. Finally, she recieves an official job offer from a music school. This news suddenly breaks the delicate link between the tennis matches and her life.

Scenes & Locations


The clock of the tennis court ticks on 10am. The ball flies from side to side across the net with the sounds of rackets hitting them with great effort. Ukulele Girl is frantic and hits the ball as if she slaps her competitor. Other girl looks frantic too. They play as if fighting. So many details of facial expressions, body muscles, wrists, feet, balls, rackets.. (Close-ups.. Fast cuts with details.) Ukulele girl looses the game and watches Other Girl’s saluting her triumph, arm up.




Ukulele Girl enters the locker room with Other Girl and says ‘fantastic match’. Other Girl responses ‘ik moet plassen’ (i need to pee). They have a friendly conversation.




Ukulele Girl tries to open her postbox but it’s stuck. She gets angry and forces the lock open. There is a piece of paper in Turkish, stamped and with bold letters looking like an official document. She takes it with concern. In reality, it’s nothing but a design of an advertising flyer for a pest control company. 




A desk with some objects; a photo frame of Ukulele Girl and her boyfriend, architecture books, a model of a building, pens, a small notebook, bills, a man’s wristwatch, etc.. There is a calender on the desk showing the date; 02.04.2018 Monday. The sounds of dropping keys and walking steps. Ukulele Girl enters the room and puts the paper on her boyfriend’s desk. 



She plays ukulele sitting near the window with her pijamas. Breakfast leftovers on the coffee table. She plays a mistaken note and starts again with great pleasure.




Ukulele Girl sits on the dinner table with some papers, envelopes, pens, etc. around her. She licks off an envelope and puts it back to the table. Glues the stamp to the back of the envelope. Date of the day; 09.04.2018 Monday with a music school name and adress is written at the back of the envelope.




The clock ticks on 10am. They play tennis with the same energy. (Close-ups.. Fast cuts with details.) Ukulele Girl looses again and watches Other Girl lying down on the court with joy.



Ukulele Girl takes her bag from the locker. Other Girl says ‘het was weer gezellig vandaag’ (nice day to hangout). Ukulele Girl responses sincerely saying ‘see you next Monday’ before she leaves.  




She plays ukulele sitting near the window with her pijamas. Stops when the phone rings. Takes the phone from the dinner table and exits the room. There is a list of twelve music schools written on a paper on the table. Most of them are crossed out. A man is on the phone saying ‘your application is accepted’.




The clock ticks on 10am. Match begins. Ukulele Girl is excited, passionate, stormy.. Tension gets higher with each hit. They slap with anger.. Other Girl seems irritated. (Close-ups.. Fast cuts with details.) Ukulele Girl becomes furious and suddenly hits the ball up into the clouds as she releases the limitation of the game. She watches the ball going way up and shouts victoriously ‘I beat you’. When she looks back to her competitor, there is a ball throwing machine. She is surprised. Stands still holding the racket towards the floor. Machine keeps throwing balls. 

Mood Board

Visual Statement


The visual form of the film will differ in interior and exterior shots. During the tennis matches, the feelings of the character will be shown through close-ups of face and body, highlighted by fast cuts. In exterior shots other, the colors will be more vibrant, and there will be extreme contrast in shadows.


In interior shots, we will see long plans, hand-held camera movements and low depth of field. At the end of the film there will be a wide-angle shot unseen previously.