Social interface

3 channel video, sound |1’ loop

Three channel video titled ‘Social Interface’ 2015, is a text-based work. With an audio component that sounds alike to hasty typing, the three videos together reflect our current state of approval, or the current state of how we treat news and facts versus opinions based in internet and computer relevant terminology.

It is about the ways we quickly and thoughtlessly behave online—invisibly and without responsibility.


2 channel video, sound, screen, projection | 4'25", 1'10"

Memory is a phenomenon that is directly connected to the ‘present’, time transforms and rectifies influenced by the present. Our ‘present’ interprets this metamorphosis continously.

Past is Present, looks at the memory behind the filters created by the ‘present’ through and oldshcool TV while creating the ambiance’s temporary memory with a camera sitauted inside the space. The filters are formed by optical deformations. Again situated in the place is a manipulated microphone, which re-forms and presents the ambience’s sound through headphones to the viewer.

Past is Present

Interactive audio visual installation with TV and sound processor


8 channel video, sound, 7 screens, projection | 2'13"


Video, screen, plexiglass  | 44"